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Missed Try Outs?

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Player increases in most age groups this year means there are a few additional spots to round out the rosters of our older age groups! There’s still a bit of time to join Timbers-Thorns North FC even if you missed tryouts.

There are four situations where players who missed tryouts can seek a spot.

This can occur if: 1) a player moves to our area 2) a local player seeks to move to a new organization 3) a local player seeks to join a club soccer team for the first time and didn’t know about tryouts; or 4) a returning player misses tryouts under verifiable circumstances.

Players who miss tryouts will be evaluated by coaches and placed on the team based on roster availability. If a roster spot is not available, players will be added to our wait list. Movement to a higher level team is not guaranteed.

Email the office to schedule a tryout!


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