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College Soccer

Playing at the Next Level

College athletic recruiting is a complex process. To save families time and energy, we’ve put together some helpful bits of information and links to help educate and hopefully make the process more efficient and less intimidating!


We are all-- directors, coaches, parents and athletes— important to finding a pathway to whatever level of soccer a player wants to achieve. There is a place for everyone!


Timbers-Thorns Noth FC is here to help guide you in the process while players and parents take the lead in researching and communicating with schools and programs that fit your needs and wants. 


Take this quick survey and Coach Julio will be in touch to discuss your goals further!

Recruiting Timeline

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​Frequently Asked Questions
  • Many people believe NCAA Division I athletics is the best and better than Div. II -- which is better than Div. III -- which is better than NAIA -- which is better than Junior College. Is this true? 

  • What should I be thinking about in determining what schools are a good fit? 

  • How should athletes and parents communicate with college coaches?

Important Links

Below are links to the different associations with info regarding sports offered, eligibility standards and requirements, scholarship info, school info, conference info, and many other important bits of information.


TTNFC College Night presentation slides


Bloom Coaching

Some students need assistance with academic achievement, others need clarity on career goals or guidance in the college application, selection, and on-boarding experience. Some students have learning disabilities or other underlying issues that require assistance with organization, study techniques, or academic skill building. No matter what kind of student you have, educational coaching can help and Dr. Molly Kreyssler, founder of Bloom Coaching can do that. We are excited to have Dr. Molly as a resource for TTNFC families! View Dr. Molly's College Night presentation slides

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Info on NCAA Division I, II, and III.


NCAA Eligibility Center

Info on eligibility standards for Division I, II, and II.

Also where you will have to create an account and register. Cost is $90.


National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics


National Junior College Athletic Association


Northwest Collegiate Athletic Association

California Community Collegiate Athletic Association

National Christian Collegiate Athletic Association

United States Collegiate Athletic Association

Association of Christian College Athletics

NCAS Sports Recruiting Guidelines

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