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Annual Fundraiser

Ultimate Raffle & HOTSHOT Tournament

Operating funds are important to the success of most organizations, and Timbers-Thorns North FC is no exception. It is important that Club level fundraising occurs to offset fees/expenses so we can ensure the accessibility of youth soccer to all. As a non-profit, funds for the daily operations have to be generated and are mandatory for sustainability. TTNFC is a non-profit organization that is supported by its members, local businesses, and donors.

The Ultimate Raffle fundraiser, along with the annual Hot Shot tournament, are the TTNFC’s club-level/club-wide fundraisers. Funds that are raised in the name of TTNFC are used for the following:

  • General Funds for Club Operation

  • Equipment needs (balls, bags, cones, pennies, goals, nets, etc.)

  • Offset Fees to ensure accessibility of youth soccer to all

  • Coach/Trainer development expenses

  • Facility rental/maintenance/development(plowing, basic operations to keep the office/

  • building open-electricity, water, internet, etc.)

  • Field maintenance and use (paint, mowing/watering, portable bathrooms, etc.)

Both the Ultimate Raffle and the Hot Shot Tournament take place in the Spring each year. 

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